Social, mental and physical health


We study which risk and resilience factors lead to substance use and addiction.

Digital innovations for wellbeing

We combine science, design and technology to drive behaviour change and well-being.

Digital media interventions for positive behavior change

Social media and artificial intelligence for healthier, smarter and happier youth.

Emotional disorders

This research aims to better understand emotional disorders in order to better treat them.

Erasmus SYNC Lab

In the Erasmus SYNC lab, we investigate the dynamic development of the adolescent brain.

Family Solidarity

How do a country's economy, culture, or policies affect dependencies within families?

Forensic and legal psychology

Our research enhances the understanding of how crime occurs, is prevented, and is treated.

Healthy citizens with the help of behavioural science

We combine knowledge about behaviour and health for real-world issues.

Intimate relationships, love and sexuality

The team of the Erasmus Love Lab performs research on intimate relationships, love, and sexuality.

Personality disorders

Research to improve the quality of life of people with personality disorders.

Social conflicts and group differences

How do groups view controversial issues? Why is this the case, and how does it drive their actions?

Youth and Family

We examine environmental factors that contribute to the proper development of children.

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