Dean's Office



Gabriele JacobsDean                                                                                                                

Kitty Yang

Managing Director

Maricarmen Vallejo AndresSecretary to the Dean
Hanna IbrahimOffice Manager


Office of Student & Educational Affairs & Admissions



Marna Bakker

Team Leader Office of Student and Educational Affairs & Admissions                                                                                 

Aniek Sebregts - van Straaten

Functional Application Manager

Jaap StelpstraFunctional Application Manager

Hannah Schoonewille

Programme Officer
June OforiProgramme Officer
Paulina SchmitzProgramme Officer
Bertien KuiperAdmissions Officer
Sanne Schuller

Admissions Officer & Assistant Secretary Examination Board


Marketing, Recruitment, Counselling, Assistance & Study Abroad



Shouhe KuoTeam Leader Marketing, Recruitment, Counselling, Assistance & Study Abroad                                                                 

Marlies Koolhaas                 

Careers Advisor & Alumni Officer

Lucie BrochhausenStudent Counsellor
Kate AvisStudent Counsellor
Natalie SammartinoStudent Counsellor
Katie KachmarchykStudent Counsellor
Diana HailEvent Organizer
Jim BastiaansMarketing, Recruitment and Residential Officer
Diana KostadinovaMarketing & External Communications
Sabaï DoodkorteExchange Officer