Department of Life Sciences

The Department of Life Sciences coordinates the Majors in Life Sciences, in Molecular and Cellular Biology, in Neuroscience, and in Pre-Med. In addition our department contributes to the Majors in Sustainability, and in Public & Global Health. Please find below a list of staff members and read about their area of research-and teaching expertise.

Life Sciences

Head of Department

  • prof.dr. (Kees) C Vink

    Prof. dr. Kees Vink obtained his MSc degree in Biology (specialization Biochemistry) from the University of Leiden in 1989. He then performed his PhD studies …
    prof.dr. (Kees) C Vink

(Senior) Lecturers

  • dr. (Marisela) M Martinez Claros

    Marisela Martínez Claros received her medical degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, (U.N.A.M.). Afterwards, she worked at the…
    dr. (Marisela) M Martinez Claros
  • dr. (Anderson) A Mora Cortes

    Anderson Mora received his BSc in psychology from the Catholic University in Bogota, Colombia. And then for three years he was working in clinical…
    dr. (Anderson) A Mora Cortes
  • dr. (Marieke) MA Hartman

    Dr. Marieke Hartman has a Public Health background, with a particular interest in bridging public health research and practice. Marieke Hartman finished her MSc…
    dr. (Marieke) MA Hartman
  • dr. (Sergio) S Mugnai

    Dr. Sergio Mugnai is a (proud) Italian and passionate lecturer. He grew up in Pistoia, a beautiful medieval town in the heart of Tuscany, and then moved to Pisa…
    dr. (Sergio) S Mugnai
  • dr. (Chris) CMP Müller

    Chris Muller obtained an MSc in Biology at Utrecht University in 2003, specializing in neuroscience. During the MSc, he spent one year at University College…
    dr. (Chris) CMP Müller
  • dr. (Vedashree) V Ramakrishnaiah

    Vedashree is originally from India where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry. On moving to the Netherlands she obtained a Master’s…
    dr. (Vedashree) V Ramakrishnaiah
  • dr. (Ana) AR Vasques

    Dr. Ana Vasques was born in Portugal and spent her childhood in Angola and Brazil. During her research, Ana developed skills in Ecology, Environmental Sciences…
    dr. (Ana) AR Vasques
  • dr. (Valeriya) V Zarubina

    Dr. Valeriya Zarubina was born in Soviet Union in the Omsk city which is the part of Siberia. She came to the Netherlands to follow her PhD program. She…
    dr. (Valeriya) V Zarubina


Dr. Maria Panagiotou
Dr. Anastasia Moiseeva – Engaged Citizens Coordinator 
Kim Westgeest


Lexi Grantz

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