Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioural Science coordinates the Majors (and Minors) in Psychology, in International Law, in Politics & International Relations, and in Sociology. In addition our department contributes to the Majors in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and in Public & Global Health. Please find below a list of staff members and read about their area of research-and teaching expertise.

Social & Behavioural Science

Head of Department

  • dr. (Ward) WP Vloeberghs

    I am affiliated with Erasmus University College Rotterdam as a Senior Lecturer in political science. My expertise lies in the contemporary Middle East, a region…
    dr. (Ward) WP Vloeberghs

(Senior) Lecturers

  • (Samantha) SMS Breuer, MSc

    Samantha Breuër is a native from Rotterdam, who obtained her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a lecturer, her interest lies…
    (Samantha) SMS Breuer, MSc
  • dr. (Romit) R Chowdhury

    Romit Chowdhury is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Erasmus University College. He primarily teaches courses in Urban Sociology, Gender Studies, and…
    dr. (Romit) R Chowdhury
  • (Jop) JC Dispa

    Jop Dispa is a lecturer in Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University College. His expertise lies in topics of state and citizenship. Often applied…
    (Jop) JC Dispa
  • (Bart) B Hesseling, MA

    (Bart) B Hesseling, MA
  • dr. (Roy) R Kemmers

    **Roy Kemmers (1980) is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam's Department of Public Administration and Sociology. As a cultural…
    dr. (Roy) R Kemmers
  • (P.) PK Livaha, LLM

    P. Livaha is a senior lecturer in the Social and Behavioral Sciences department at Erasmus University College (EUC). She has a background in political science…
    (P.) PK Livaha, LLM
  • dr. (Gera) G Noordzij

    Dr. Gera Noordzij is a work & industrial and clinical & health psychologist by training. Before starting at EUC, she worked at the Psychology department…
    dr. (Gera) G Noordzij
  • (Alexandros) A Sarris, LLM

    Alexandros Sarris is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Erasmus University College coordinating the International Law Major. In the past, he has taught International…
    (Alexandros) A Sarris, LLM
  • dr. (Alexander) AA Strelkov

    I am an inquisitive political scientist who conducts societally relevant research as well as engages in innovative teaching. Bridging the divide between…
    dr. (Alexander) AA Strelkov
  • dr. (Lisette) L Wijnia

    Lisette Wijnia is a lecturer at the Social & Behavioural Sciences department of Erasmus University College, part of Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Lisette…
    dr. (Lisette) L Wijnia

(Senior) Lecturers

Christina Velentza

André Mamede Soares Braga

Sie Long Cheung

Anthony Cooper

Tuğba Sarıkaya Güler

Kasia Sikora


  • Tim Hensley

    Katja Skenderija - SA project

    Shanita Dijselijnck - SA minor Inclusive  Leadership

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