Examination Board

The Examination Board has a broad range of different tasks with regard to the examinations and is the body that objectively and professionally establishes whether a student meets the requirements set in the Academic Rules and Regulations (ARR) EUC, with regard to the knowledge, insight and skills needed to obtain the BSc. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Consequently, the Board awards the certificate of the degree.

In addition, the Examination Board has the following tasks and authority:

•           safeguarding the quality of the assignments and examinations;

•           establishing guidelines and procedures within the framework of the ARR;

•           appointing examiners, who are thereby empowered to set assessments for a course in the programme;

•           investigating and deciding upon sanctions with regard to fraud and plagiarism;

•           granting exemptions providing first-year students with an interim study advice twice a year, and issuing the Binding Study Advice at the end of the first year;

•           acting as a mediator or even a defendant in case of disputes or appeals;

•           advising the Dean EUC regarding the contents of the ARR;

•           granting exemptions from the rules in individual cases. This concerns the granting of exemption to the rules set in the ARR in individual cases, due to personal circumstances or on grounds of the hardship.

Additional tasks of the Examination Board are detailed in the ARR and Guidelines & Procedures.



Harm Kloosterhuis, PhDChair Examination Board
Samantha BreuerVice-chair Examination Board

Awee Prins, PhD

Member Examination Board

Marieke de HaanMember Examination Board
Sanne SchullerSecretary Examination Board




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