Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities coordinates the Majors in Humanities, in Cultural Analysis, and in Political Philosophy and Critical Theory. In addition our department contributes to the Majors in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and in Sustainability. Please find below a list of staff members and read about their area of research-and teaching expertise.


Head of Department

(Senior) Lecturers

  • (Sophie) S van Balen

    (Sophie) S van Balen

    Sophie van Balen (MA) is PhD researcher at Erasmus School of Philosophy and Lecturer Humanities at Erasmus University College. She also is head of programme at…
  • dr. (Friso) JF van Houdt

    dr. (Friso) JF van Houdt

    Friso van Houdt is Senior Lecturer in the Humanities at Erasmus University College (EUC) Rotterdam. Friso was trained as a criminologist, sociologist and social…
  • dr. (Marianne) MB Klerk

    dr. (Marianne) MB Klerk

    Marianne Klerk is Senior Lecturer in Humanities at the Erasmus University College. Working on the intersection of academia and public discourse brings Marianne…
  • dr. (Maryse) MJ Kruithof

    dr. (Maryse) MJ Kruithof

    Maryse Kruithof graduated on her doctoral thesis “Shouting in a desert”, Dutch missionary encounters with Javanese Islam, 1850-1910 in the History department at…
  • (Catherine) CJG Somzé

    (Catherine) CJG Somzé

  • (Tamara) T de Groot

    (Tamara) T de Groot

    Tamara de Groot is at home in the field of art and culture, with a background in art history with a dash of literature and film studies. After studing at…
  • (Wander) WM van Baalen

    (Wander) WM van Baalen

    Profile Wander van Baalen is a PhD candidate at Codarts University for the Arts and a lecturer in the Humanities department at Erasmus University College. After…
  • dr. (Christian) CDC van der Veeke

    dr. (Christian) CDC van der Veeke

    Christian van der Veeke (1980) is a senior lecturer in the Humanities and the current Head of the Humanities Department at Erasmus University College (EUC),…
  • (Amarantha) A Lee - Groen

    (Amarantha) A Lee - Groen

    Amarantha Groen is a Lecturer in the Humanities at Erasmus University College. Groen teaches courses on all levels within the Humanities department at EUC,…
  • (Caglar) C Koseoglu

    (Caglar) C Koseoglu

    Ça?lar Köseo?lu (1985) studied philosophy and literature in the Netherlands, Turkey and the US. He received his second MA in Aesthetics and Politics at…

(Senior) Lecturer

Sanne Boersma
Annette-Carina van der Zaag
Jelle Baan


Claire Tio
Boutaina Hammana
Amira Fretz

Dual Degree (RASL) Coordinator

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