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Fees and Finances

Tuition fees*

Information about Tuition fees

Costs of Living

Estimate of the costs of living in the Netherlands.

Grants and Scholarships

Students are strongly encouraged to begin researching and applying for sources of funding as early as possible. For prospective Master students, there are various sources for grants and scholarships including:

You can also inquire about funding at:

  • The Dutch government
  • Your home university/institution
  • Business sponsorship
  • Your local government
  • International organizations (e.g. Rotary Club, UN, World Bank etc)
  • The Netherlands organization for Scientific Research

2nd Master's programme: EUR Excellence Scholarship

If you have already obtained a Master’s degree and want to do a full-time Master or Research Master at Erasmus University Rotterdam, you might be eligible for the EUR Excellence Scholarship. Recipients of the EUR Excellence Scholarship pay a tuition fee equal to the EEA/EU students statutory tuition fee (€ 2,006 in 2017/2018) instead of the higher institute tuition fee. In order to apply for the EUR Excellence Scholarship you have to meet the nationality criteria for the statutory fee EEA/EU students and obtained a cum laude bachelor’s or master’s degree at EUR. Read more about the EUR Excellence Scholarship.


Are you a Dutch student and do you want to know how the "leenstelsel" applies to you? Read more.

*Please note that tuition fees may be higher in subsequent years.