Urban economic strategy

A rapidly changing urban environment faces challenges of technological innovation, shifting geopolitical powers and changing society. Cities face questions of sustainablity, climate change, social and economic polarization, as well as affordability of real estate markets and urban amenities.

Strategic advice and future outlook

Erasmus UPTs experts regularly contribute to the exploration of future developments and challenges related to the economies of cities. They conduct workshops, develop scenario’s, write economic outlooks and consult on strategic questions.

Specific questions they are addressing: Does robotisation lead to substitution of employment, and how can we cope with potential negative effects? What sort of employment can we expect if economic processes are circular instead of linear? How can we ensure that everyone profits from economic growth?

Nuanced view to urban challenges

Our experts take a nuanced view to urban challenges by reflecting on our own research as well as that of others. The team of experts at UPT analyses economic challenges and places these challenges within the wider urban debate.

Together with our clients we reflect on the economic implications of societies challenges. We inform our clients strategic agenda and help shape an appropriate policy response, including subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

Relevant projects

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• Impact analysis focal points Economic Board South Holland
• Circular Economy: Circular Jobs
• Strategic agenda Knowledge Economy – City of The Hague

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