EHERO researchers Efstratia Arampatzi and Martijn Hendriks win prizes in ISQOLS best dissertation award

  • Dr. Martijn Hendriks

  • Dr. Efstratia Arampatzi

EHERO researchers Efstratia Arampatzi  and Martijn Hendriks have won the second prizes in the 2019 Best Dissertation Award of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS). They will be presented this prize on September 7 at the ISQOLS conference in Granada.

ISQOLS is an international society of scholars researching quality of life and well-being, and a panel of experts reviewed and selected the award. Dissertations defended in the period 2016-2018 were eligible. More information about the dissertation awards can be found at: The jury was impressed by the quality of their dissertation and the many chapters of their dissertations that were published in peer-reviewed academic journals. The title of Martijn’s dissertation is “Migrant happiness: Insights into the broad well-being outcomes of migration and its determinants” and was supervised by Prof. dr. Harry Commandeur and Dr. Martijn Burger. The title of Efstratia’s dissertation is “Times of Crisis: Evidence on the wider impact of economic crises and turmoil on subjective well-being” and was supervised by Prof. dr. Harry Commandeur, Prof. dr. Frank van Oort, and Dr. Martijn Burger.  Their dissertations are available via the links below:

Dissertation Martijn Hendriks

Dissertation Efstratia Arampatzi

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