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Big Data Organizational Patterns

Dr. Anne Marie Weggelaar-Jansen explains a tool that enables you to understand the organizational dynamics and how you can get an understanding of how to intervene on actors and factors that reinforce each other.

Big Data Building Legitimacy

Building legitimacy of big data technologies together: reflections on a continuous journey.

Impact of Big Data

Big data promises to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered: how to measure its impact?

Big Data Swamp of Rules

How to prevent getting blocked by the rules when innovating with big data in healthcare?

Big Data KPI Information Road

Defining relevant indicators over time to measure the impact of big data technologies in healthcare.

Big Data Business Models

How to define a business model to develop a big data innovation in healthcare?

Big Data Dreams

Shared expectations on the future of health care shape big data technologies.

Big Data Golden Mountain

The innovative nature of big data slows down its uptake. How to get things back on track?

Big Data Collaboration

The keys to create a successful collaboration between healthcare professionals and data scientists.

Big Data Ethical Framing

Why should we pay attention to ethical arguments of the actors working with big data technologies?

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