The Research Master Community and Alumni

Joining the Research Master, you will be part of a community of international students with an avid interest in the philosophy of economics.

You will also be part of the EIPE community, which consists of researchers, PhD students and visitors with interests in many different fields in the philosophy of economics.

Completing the research master, you will be well-prepared for a number of different careers in the private and public sector, as well as continuing your studies towards a PhD in philosophy at EIPE or top programmes elsewhere.

Alumni of the Research Master

  • Lennart Ackermans | Alumnus 2018

    "The Research Master in Philosophy and Economics has provided me with an excellent preparation for an academic career in philosophy of the social sciences. When I started the program, I was impressed by the high quality of the teachers, the engagement with the latest developments in the field and the involvement of the most important experts around the world, who are invited to present at the institute's seminar and to teach some of the courses. Because I had learned a lot during these two years, I decided to continue as a PhD student at EIPE."

    Before: Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (major), Political Philosophy (minor), Leiden University
    After: PhD student in Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterda

  • Carlos de Sousa | Alumnus 2016

    Working as a non-academic, I use the skills I've learned at EIPE on a daily basis, and they have definitely given me an edge over my peers. The Research Master in philosophy and economics allowed me to greatly improve my argumentative skills for my writing, presenting and debating or simply when I am on a phone call with my clients. I can now write down my ideas in a clear, organized and convincing manner. Similarly, when presenting in an event, I express my arguments in a direct and clear fashion, followed by addressing these possible counter arguments. 

    Before: Affiliate Fellow at Bruegel (a Brussels-based economic policy think tank).
    After: Senior Economist at Oxford Economics (an independent global economic consultancy).

  • Elina Vessonen | Alumna 2015

    I have long thought philosophy has much to offer for the social sciences, and I applied for the Research Master in Philosophy and Economics hoping to work with students and researchers who felt the same way. The programme more than lived up to my expectations. I learned how to write papers and give talks that employ rigorous philosophical argumentation to address topical social scientific problems. The programme prepared me very well for my PhD research, in which I continue to explore the fascinating questions that I first encountered while being part of the supportive EIPE community.

    Before: Bachelor's Degree in Social Science, University of Helsinki.
    After: PhD student at History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge.

  • Nora Neuteboom | Alumna 2014

    "Being an economist involves a lot of writing. In the programme much attention is paid to improving writing, with multiple rounds of feedback, from peers and teachers alike. The teachers motivate you to always think one step further, one level deeper. I think that is valuable for every economist - and that is exactly what the programme does."

    Before: Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics, University of Amsterdam, Master's degree in Economics, Markets and Policy, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    After: Economist at ABN Amro

  • Darian Heim | Alumnus 2013

    I would have not been able to approach and finish my PhD studies in such a structured and satisfying manner, had it not been for the preparation that the challenging but rewarding Research Master in Philosophy and Economics at EIPE provided me with. EIPE is one of those rare places that teaches analytical rigour without curbing intellectual curiosity. All in all, a degree that guarantees a privileged experience of high academic value.

    Before: BA in Philosophy (major), Economics (minor), Université de Fribourg
    After: PhD in Law at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Johanna Thoma | Alumna 2012

    After my joint honours undergraduate degree in philosophy and economics, I suspected that much exciting work can be done combining the two subjects. Now I know this is so, and I have EIPE to thank for it. The research master is extraordinary in how well and fast it prepares students to participate in current debates in the philosophy of economics. This was a great preparation for my further graduate studies.

    Before: Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University, UK.
    After: PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Toronto, Canada.

  • Melissa Vergara Fernández | Alumna 2012

    There a quite a few things that I enjoyed very much in my research master student experience. What I value the most are the critical and analytical skills that I gathered throughout and the atmosphere of discipline and excitement about philosophy of economics coming from colleagues and faculty. A great source of inspiration.

    Before: Economics at Bogota University, Colombia.
    After: PhD student in Philosophy of Economics at EIPE Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • Deren Olgun | Alumnus 2011

    From day one, I was part of the community of Research Master’s students, PhD students, teaching faculty and visitors at EIPE. I have learned and benefitted so much in my two years in this community of philosophy of economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    Before: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Cambridge University, UK.
    After: PhD student in Philosophy at the London School of Economics (LSE), UK.

  • François Claveau | Alumnus 2010

    I believe that the questions at the interface of economics and philosophy are fascinating, but many people – philosophers and economists alike – fail to see the point. Joining the Research Master’s programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam was such a relief; students from all over the world come here because they care about the same topics as I do. Every day, I discussed with students and faculty members who have been as fascinated as I am by these topics. By coming to EIPE, I found the intellectual stimulation I was looking for.

    Before: Philosophy and Economics at Montréal, Canada.
    After: PhD in Philosophy of Economics at EIPE (Erasmus University Rotterdam), then postdoctoral researcher at Université du Quebec a Montréal, Canada.

  • Tyler DesRoches | Alumnus 2009

    There are few places in the world where one can study the philosophy and methodology of economics and it is clear that EIPE is among the very best. As a Research Master student I was not only exposed to a vast network of top scholars and an open academic atmosphere but the master's programme itself, including the extensive coursework and thesis project, more than adequately prepared me for life as a PhD student.

    Alumnus of the Research Master, PhD student at the Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia.

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