Photos Colloquium April 2017

  • Luc Bergmans

    Luc Bergmans


Photos Colloquium Februari 2017

  • Lex Hendriks

    Lex Hendriks

  • Wim Veldman

    Wim Veldman

  • Joost Vecht

    Joost Vecht

Photos Colloquium October 2016

From left to right: Harrie de Swart, Wim Veldman, Mireille Kirkles, Henk Visser and Anna Oosting.

Photos Colloquium 16 Juni 2016

From left to right: Harrie receives gift from Gerard (photos 1-4), Gerard Alberts, Joop Niekus, Mireille Kirkles, Henk Visser, Jean-Paul van Bendegem and Bas Willink. 

Photos International conference Dutch Significs and early criticism of the Vienna Circle

From left to right: F.A. Muller in front of the Pantheon, Joop Niekus, Gerard Alberts, Aart van Bochove (photo 2), Teun Koetsier and Harrie de Swart (photo 3), Ambassadeur van Vlaanderen, Luc Bergmans and Gerard Alberts about David van Dantzig (last photo).