The Structure of Science and Reality

The Structure of Reality and the Reality of Structure

In the early 21st century, science is experiencing tumultuous transformations, comparable in pace and scope to the changes that occurred a century ago, resulting in fundamentally new research endeavours, from quantum physics and genetics up to molecular life sciences research, raising fundamental metaphysical and epistemological questions, concerning the kind of knowledge that science provides, but also concerning the role of philosophy in this transition. How is science challenging basic conceptions of nature, life, technology and truth? How can philosophy contribute to the development of new approaches, from thought experiments up to interactive research, mutually exposing multiple forms of knowledge? Finally, how should the structure of science change to help us meet urgent and complex societal challenges of today? These questions are addressed through dialogue, both within philosophy (between analytic and continental approaches) and with other disciplines (e.g. physics and life sciences research).

Examples of projects (selection)

  • VENI, VIDI and VICI projects led by F.A. Muller (2001–2020)
  • The digital turn in epistemology (F.A. Muller NWO 2017–2021)
  • Building a Synthetic Cell (BaSyC): philosophical work-package (NWO Gravitation; Hub Zwart (2018–2028)
  • European Projects (RRING; GRRIP; IHMCSA)


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