International Lecture Series DPAS

Meeting international experts, learning from their knowledge and insights to inspire and stimulate new thinking within the Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS) are important goals of the Internationale Lecture Series DPAS. Started in 2016, distinguished scholars visited our Department.

Prof. dr. Laleh Khalili (University of London)

Dr. Keith Tribe (independent scholar)

Prof. dr. Christina Schneider (University of California at San Diego)

Prof. dr. Philippe Zittoun (University of Lyon)

Prof. dr. Natasha Cabrera (University of Maryland, College Park)

Dr. Pablo Gracia (Trinity College, Dublin )

Prof. dr. Lee Elliot Major (University of Exeter)

Prof. dr. Steven Vertovec (Max Planck Institute)

Prof. dr. Jenny M. Lewis (University Of Melbourne)

Prof. dr. Fabian Truong (University of Paris (8))

Prof. dr. Ahmet Icduygu (Koc University)

Dr. Els de Graauw (City University of New York)

Prof. dr. Christine Parker (University of Melbourne)

Prof. dr. Eleonore Kofman (Middlesex Univ. of London)

Prof. dr. Christopher Hood (Honorory Doctor ESSB) (University of Oxford)

Dr. Evgeny Morozov (writer)

Prof. dr. Deborah Stone (Brandels University)

Prof. dr. Piyushimita Thakuriah (University of Glasgow)

Prof. dr. Yves Mathieu (University Paris)

Prof. dr. Ian Ayres (Yale University)

Prof. dr. Gunhild Hagestad (Nova, Oslo)

Prof. dr. Clemens Tesch-Roemer (German Centre of Gerontology)

Prof. dr. Ian Burema (Bard University)

Prof. dr. Tony Bovaird (University of Birmingham)

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