Lecture 'Future of jobs'


dinsdag 17 apr 2018, 12:15


dinsdag 17 apr 2018, 13:15

Erasmus Paviljoen
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 In her view, there won’t be a concept of “job” in the future; on the contrary, there will be a concept for developing and applying singularity (being equal) and adaptation towards a new dynamism of “slash positions” in the future. This means we will not have so-called “(un)employment”, and won’t need to fight with “job-less innovations”, but accordingly we will have an (r)evolution, for the positive change in institutions, education, selection, and evaluation system, taking place. A more objective and effectual mechanism for such has been under development, pushed by the new world order and the new technology trajectory.  One proposition (relevant to us and our stakeholders) is “If we, as individual or institutions, are not proactive proprietarily or slow in reacting to this change, we, as educators or stakeholders in the education sector, might be the first group to “lose so-called jobs” or “ being washed out from the future phenomena” (which might include other professionals such as lawyers and doctors). The argument does hand with the reality of tension and gaps between the traditional degree/diploma- signaling professionals and the new generation of “slash-professionals” with (social-economic) value-orientation (which calls for changes in people, relationship, function of institutions, and social- economic structure).  With the impact from new tech and a new way of thinking, we have to admit that we have been much “spoiled and insulated” in the "Ivory Tower”, without enough self- consciousness and heading-up- sensing-around.  …And a lot must be discussed and further developed… 

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