Symposium Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab


woensdag 21 nov 2018, 13:00


woensdag 21 nov 2018, 18:00

Blue City, Rotterdam

Uit de uitnodiging: The synergy between art and science leads to new insights that may contribute to social innovation. It requires educational institutes to explore forms of collaboration outside of the regular frameworks, thereby transcending the partitions of our binary education system. In Rotterdam, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy (Hogeschool Rotterdam) and Codarts Rotterdam have joined forces in a unique collaboration: the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL).

At the symposium on 21 November we will present the insights gained from the first two years of RASL and we hope to engage you in a discussion about these themes on the basis of our brand-new compilation of essays. In addition, Marleen Stikker, Director of the Waag and recent Summer Guest on VPRO television, will hold a keynote speech.