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Alternative Investments: Beyond Stocks and Bonds

Gain a thorough understanding of the vast range of investment possibilities outside the mainstream equity and fixed income markets. During this course you are offered clear insight into the world of hedge funds, commodities and the foreign exchange market.

English 15
Deepening Minor: Accounting Skills Let's face it: everyone is affected by accounting numbers. This course focuses on the technical side of accounting and takes the mystery out of the numbers. English 15
E-Marketing: Marketing Strategies for future success Learn about the consequences that IT and the internet have for marketing and sales, about buying behaviour of consumers with a special focus on internet shopping and internet retailing. What will the future bring us? English 15
Entrepreneurship This Minor is about launching and building successful new business ventures. English 15
Game Theory for managers Business is cooperation when it comes to creating a pie and competition when it comes to dividing it up. In order to find a way of bringing competition and cooperation together, we turn to game theory. English 15
Influencing People: Psychology and Practice

Using knowledge from psychology, economics, and marketing, you will learn how to influence people and resist their influence, how to get your message across, and how to negotiate a good deal.

English 15
Introduction to Fraud & Forensic Accounting Join us on a journey into the secrets of fraud conduct, prevention, detection and remediation.  English 15

Leading People, Teams, and Organisations for Excellence

People are not just the greatest but also the most complicated asset of any organisation. Discover how to encourage people to thrive and deliver excellence in organisations.  

 English  15
Learning by doing: Consulting to Social Entrepreneurs and Non-profit Orginizations Real life consultancy: doing good, done better.  English 15
Learning from Big Data How to learn and interact with consumers in the Big-Data age. English 15
Mergers and Acquisitions Have you ever dreamt of becoming an investment banker or lawyer specialising in the fantastic world of M&As? Come and explore this interesting course… English 15
Money and Banking   English 15
Neuroeconomics: how the brain decides Pepsi or Coke? Save or invest? Compete or cooperate? Study or stay in bed? We face decisions like these every day. This course shows us how our brain solves such dilemmas. English 15
Principles of Negotiation

In Business As in Life, You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate.

English 15
Sport & Management   English 15
Strategy Consulting

Learn to think as the top strategy consultants and develop your skills in a real life strategy consulting project.

English 15
The Moral Limits of Markets The Moral Limits of Markets. English 15


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