Research in Progress Seminar

The impact of monetary policy on real economic activity in a transitional economy - the case of Vietnam

Doctoral student
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International Institute of Social Studies

donderdag, 15 mrt 2018, 13:00


donderdag, 15 mrt 2018, 14:00

International Institute of Social Studies

Research in Progress Seminar by Thi Mai Lan Nguyen, PhD Researcher at ISS


Few empirical studies have attempted to evaluate the impacts of monetary policy in Vietnam, but failed to explain the conduct of monetary policy in Vietnam because of inconsistent and unrobust results.

In this paper, we develop several vecto-autogressive models regarding the actual implementation of monetary policy and financial structure in Vietnam from January 1998 to March 2017. We find clear evidence on the matter of conducting monetary policy.

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Thi Mai Lan Nguyen, PhD Researcher;