Lee Ann Lo-A-Njoe

Lee Ann Lo-A-Njoe
If you are passionate enough to do it, then you will succeed.
Lee Ann Lo-A-Njoe
Intern at Kugali, an African Media Company in London, United Kingdom

"Interning for a start-up African media company gives you a lot of opportunities to explore a variety of roles. I have had the chance to do a little bit of everything in the areas of marketing by posting on Kugali’s social media and sending out news letter to the mailing list. As well as research and development by learning about the strategies that the company takes and can take in terms of growing and moving forwards. There even was something that I never thought in a million years that I would do whilst working here, and that is being part of the editing team."

The chance to network

"Working at Kugali means I get to help as much as I can with whatever the boss needs. I make spreadsheets, set up PowerPoints, arrange digital distribution and make sure everything is in order for the printer. However, my favourite part of working at the company was getting the chance to attend so many comic conventions and art/literature festivals. This was not only to sell African comic anthology, but it was also a great change to network and meet new people in the publishing industry. I was able to put the course Organization of Arts and Culture, and a few strategies from some economics courses to use during my internship as well, as I mainly had to deal with a lot of physical and digital distribution. Working at Kugali taught me that it takes a lot of patience, discipline, passion and especially drive to get a start-up company rolling. If you’re passionate enough to do it, then you will succeed."

The opportunity to try different things

"It might be frustrating how much time and effort you put into searching for an internship, especially as I sent about 15 letters to all kinds of different established companies. While you may not get accepted on your first choice, the second one is not always so bad; sometimes it can be a hit, sometimes it is a miss. But being a part of the Kugali team, and this may even be said about any kind of start-up company, gave me the opportunity to try different things which really helped me in figuring out what I really enjoy doing the most, especially for my future career!"