Monthly Inclusive Prosperity Lunch Seminar: Dr. Constanze Binder


donderdag, 19 dec 2019, 12:00


donderdag, 19 dec 2019, 13:00

Polak Building
Campus Woudestein
Gesproken taal

From October 2019 on, the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity initiative hosts a monthly lunch seminar. Academics from various fields of research will speak about interesting and relevant topics related to inclusive prosperity. Lunch seminars are usually on the last Thursday of each month from 12:00 to 13:00 and open to everyone. Due to the holiday period, this months meeting will be one week earlier. During the seminar, a free sandwich lunch will be provided by the initiative. We are happy to welcome Dr. Constanze Binder this month.

Constanze Binder is assistant professor in Philosophy at the Erasmus School of Philosophy, co-director of the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics and programme director of the Research Master programme in Philosophy and Economics. Constanze studied Economics and Environmental System Science at Graz University and obtained a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Groningen. She previously taught in the Philosophy Departments of Groningen and Leiden University, worked at the Economics Department of the University of Osnabrück, and contributed to projects for the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Environment and the Austrian Human Dimensions Program. Constanze’s research is on interface of philosophy and economics, with a particular focus on the analysis of freedom, responsibility and distributive justice in political philosophy and welfare economics, as well as on the ethics of individual and collective decision making in politics and economics