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  • Alternative Investments

    For creating a well-diversified portfolio that could sustain financial turmoil, it is important to have knowledge not only about investments in traditional…
  • Analysing and Changing Unhealthy Behaviour

    Interested in health and wellbeing, and how they can be improved by changing behaviour? Individuals, organisations and governments worldwide aim to change...
  • ArtificiaI Intelligence in Society

    Increasingly artificial intelligence is seen as potentially both beneficial and detrimental to society.
  • Beleid en Management in de Publieke Sector

    Deze minor is een inleiding in de bestuurskunde en geeft inzicht in de twee belangrijkste onderdelen van deze discipline: 1) hoe beleid tot stand komt (‘module…
  • Business Management

    A fully online minor on how to manage businesses and understand the business world. This is a completely online minor on business management
  • Computer Science

    Have you ever wondered how one can use computers to process data for business analytics?
  • Creative Economy

    The minor Creative Economy consists of 3 complementary modules: The Cultural Economic Perspective, Money & The Fine Arts and Creative Economy & Creative…
  • Criminology

    The twilight between the legal and the illegal. This minor introduces students to various perspectives on a diverse range of crimes, their causes, offenders…
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology

    With increasing globalization, we get in touch with different cultures more and more. In a city such as Rotterdam, where people from over 100 countries live...
  • De Sociologische Blik

    In deze minor ontwikkel je een sociologische blik. Je verdiept je in de hoofdvragen van de sociologie aan de hand van actuele maatschappelijke vraagstukken,…

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