dr. (Amanda) A Paz Alencar


Amanda Alencar is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communication of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

She specializes in media and migration and intercultural communication. Her research and work focus on how communication technologies are shaping mobility and sociocultural integration processes of refugees in diverse contexts. Recently, she was a visiting fellow with the Refugee Studies Centre at University of Oxford, where she developed part of her new research project ‘Digital integration, livelihoods and forced migrations’. Alencar received her PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 2012. She obtained a PhD fellowship from the Galician government (Maria Barbeito Pre-doctoral Grant, Xunta de Galicia) for her thesis Intercultural Mediatization of Social Space: A Comparative Content Analysis of Spanish and Brazilian Television News Programs (summa cum laude).

After completion of her degree, she was awarded a Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Fellowship to conduct her research project entitled TV New for Promoting Interculturalism: A Novel Step towards Immigrant Integration at the Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She has also been involved in various (inter)national research projects on interculturalism, diversity and cinema in Europe and South America (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain), the effects of narrative messages on Muslim integration in the Netherlands (ASCoR, University of Amsterdam), and the use of collaborative digital games to foster intercultural integration of refugees at Dutch schools (Utrecht University), among others. She is author of several international publications in journals such as Communication Research, Information, Communication & Society, Journalism, European Journal of Communication; Media, Culture & Society, Sociology Compass, Global Perspectives, etc.

More recently, Alencar received the Vital Cities and Citizens-Trustfunds[ ][Link 1]Grant to study the ways in which digital media technologies can be effectively and creatively employed by refugee and host community actors to enhance social inclusion in the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Alongside her academic work related to refugees, she coordinates a digital training programme for students with a refugee background as part of their [preparatory 1-year program at Erasmus University Rotterdam.][] Amanda has joined [The Migration Podcast][] team as Associate Producer.

Other positions

[Vice Chair (and chair as of 2021) of the Intercultural Communication Division][Vice Chair and chair as of 2021 of the Intercultural Communication Division] within the International Communication Association (ICA)

Editorial board member of the International open access journal [Media and Communication][]

Editorial board member of the International peer-review journal Frontiers in Communication | Section [Culture and Communication][]

Board member of the [Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)][Professional Advisory Committee _PAC] at the Department of Media and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Invited Board Member of the Intergenerational Gaming Platform – Utrecht University and University of Amsterdam.

Former positions

Former member of the Editorial Board of the International Yearbook of Lusophone Communication of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the Galician Association of Communication (AGACOM).

Please, visit her website ([https://amandaalencar.com/][https_amandaalencar.com]) for more detailed information about research and teaching. 

Publications and pre-prints can also be found on her [ResearchGate][] 


Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Associate professor | Department of Media and Communication
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • A (Amanda) Paz Alencar (15 januari 2022) - Organization of a screening night "Digital Place-makers project"
  • P (Payal) Arora, A (Amanda) Paz Alencar & DM (Daniela) Jaramillo Dent (28 september 2021) - Breaking the cycle of ignorance: Prioritising refugees’ digital leisure and entertainment

  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Invited speaker and panel member on 'An exploratory study on usage of WhatsApp with Venezuelan refugees in Brazil'
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Keynote: Translocality, Refugees and Digital Spaces
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Translocality, Refugees and Digital Spaces
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Invited speaker and panel member in the panel 'Getting the word out - How do we improve messaging and communication in refugee contexts?'
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - International Journal of Communication (online) (Journal)
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Guest speaker and panel member in the webinar 'New Vulnerabilities, New Resilience'
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Keynote: Digital technologies and forced displacement
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Guest speaker and panel member on Media and Migration section
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Guest lecture: Conducting qualitative analysis in the context of media and migration research
  • Amanda Paz Alencar (2020) - Guest speaker and panel member: Resisting Silence; Voices of New Women in Digital Age

  • Jacco van Sterkenburg, Amanda Paz Alencar, Julian Schaap & Pauwke Berkers (2021) - KNAW Science Communication Grant. Main applicant.

Media and Migration

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City Lab 010 project "Becoming a Rotterdammer" krijgt een startbudget toegekend

City Lab 010 project "Becoming a Rotterdammer" krijgt een startbudget
Becomming a Rotterdammer

Van voetbalsterren tot ‘gelukszoekers’. Migratie is verweven in onze levens

Migratie is er altijd geweest en zal er altijd zijn, onder andere door oorlogen en rampen. Drie wetenschappers spreken over het belang van migratie-onderzoek.
Onderzoekers bij trap

Betrek perspectieven van participanten om co-creatie te stimuleren

Het onderzoeksproject ‘Translocal Lives’ heeft als doel de verschillende manieren te identificeren waarop migranten creatief gebruik maken van technologieën.

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Academische plenaire lezing, filmvertoning en discussie over transnationale families, migratie, media

Dit evenement omvat 's middags een academische plenaire lezing en 's avonds een filmvertoning en een rondetafelgesprek.
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