dr. (Georg) G.D. Granic

Assistant Professor Erasmus School of Economics Applied Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam
H 12-14
+31 10 4088927

Latest academic publication

G.D. Granic (2017). The Problem of the Divided Majority: Preference Aggregation under Uncertainty. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 133, 21-38. doi: 10.1016/j.jebo.2016.10.022

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I am deeply interested in the foundations of decision-making, be it in isolation as in classical decision theory or in strategic interaction as in game theory, and its application to important social issues. I have a strong background in microeconomics, especially with a focus on behavioral economics, experimental economics, game theory, and social choice theory. My expertise in terms of methodology is in experimental work; I have been an integral part in the design and the conduction of both field and laboratory experiments. However, being formally trained in game theory and economic theory, I also work theoretically.


Visiting address

Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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Postbus 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam