prof.dr. (Sabine) SE Severiens

prof.dr. (Sabine) SE Severiens
Full professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Educational and Developmental Psychology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Sabine Severiens is full professor of Educational Sciences at the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The main theme in her scientific work is diversity and educational inequality, from the perspective of the teacher (culturally responsive teaching) as well as the student (motivation, integration and the learning environment).

One of the focal points in her current work is teaching in classrooms with students from diverse backgrounds and strengthening professional capacity in this particular area. She has been a supervisor for PhD candidates in a variety settings for nearly ten years.

She was director in the EU funded project called NAOS on professional capacity in urban education ( Furthermore, she heads the Knowledge Network on Rotterdam Talent, a collaborative platform for the Rotterdam knowledge institutes, municipality and educational practice organizations (school boards and school support organizations).

  • Perry den Brok, S (Sabrina) Alhanachi, LAL (Lonneke) de Meijer & SE (Sabine) Severiens (1 april 2021) - Professionele leergemeenschappen: zo werkt het (goed)

  • J (Jana) Vietze, M (Marieke) Meeuwisse, SGA (Sanne) van Herpen, AS (Aike) Dias - Broens, RM (Reinhilde) Pulinx & SE (Sabine) Severiens (2021) - Predicting diverse students’ self selection from higher education: A systematic review
  • Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2020) - Mentoring urban talent: results and implications for the future
  • Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2020) - Mentoring urban talent: mentoring program for talented secondary school youth in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2019) - Mentoring Urban Talent: Results of a Pilot Study and Glance into the Future
  • Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2019) - Mentoring Grootstedelijk Talent: eerste bevindingen en blik op de toekomst
  • Kim Ouwehand, Marieke Meeuwisse, E van der Boom & Sabine Severiens (2019) - Happy schools, happy teachers: A comparison between schools with high versus lower teacher job satisfaction and self-efficacy among teachers on PLC characteristics.
  • Lonneke Meijer, GV Gonzalez Marin & Sabine Severiens (2019) - Take Lead of your Future: Female Pupils in Secondary Education and Impact of an Empowerment Program
  • Marieke Meeuwisse, Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2019) - The Knowledge Workshop Rotterdam talent
  • Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2019) - Mentoring Grootstedelijk Talent: eerste bevindingen van de pilot-studie
  • Lonneke Meijer & Sabine Severiens (2018) - Progress PACTesl: Mentoring Urban Talent

4.3C Diversity in Education & Training

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