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  • (Asimina) A Aslanidou MSc

    (Asimina) A Aslanidou MSc

  • (Ilham) I Balizi MSc

    (Ilham) I Balizi MSc

  • (Jolande) J uit Beijerse (Jolande) J uit Beijerse

  • prof.dr. (Lieselot) LCJ Bisschop

    prof.dr. (Lieselot) LCJ Bisschop

    Lieselot Bisschop’s core areas of interest and expertise are environmental harm, corporate crime, organized crime and their governance. Past and ongoing studies…
  • dr. (Tim) T Boekhout van Solinge

    dr. (Tim) T Boekhout van Solinge

  • dr. (Michiel) MC Boog

    dr. (Michiel) MC Boog

    Dr. Michiel Boog is a researcher at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Antes (a mental healthcare organization in Rotterdam). At the Erasmus University…
  • dr. (Abdessamad) A Bouabid

    dr. (Abdessamad) A Bouabid

    Title of research: Mods & Mocros: Strategies Used by Moroccan Youth in the Netherlands and Belgium to Cope with their Representation in the Media. Promotor:…
  • (Jeroen) JBA van den Broek

    (Jeroen) JBA van den Broek

  • (Irma) IWM Cleven MSc

    (Irma) IWM Cleven MSc

    Domestic violence, victimization, victim experiences with CJS, and penal protection orders.
  • (Marilena) M Drymioti MA

    (Marilena) M Drymioti MA

    The recent economic and political crisis has brought with it challenges which require an increased understanding of the changing dynamics of markets, economies,…