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  • dr. (Hakan) MH Akyuz

    dr. (Hakan) MH Akyuz

  • dr. (Andreas) A Alfons

    dr. (Andreas) A Alfons

  • (Asimina) A Aslanidou MSc

    (Asimina) A Aslanidou MSc

  • dr. (Sander) SC Barendse

    dr. (Sander) SC Barendse

  • prof.dr. (Ilker) SI Birbil

    prof.dr. (Ilker) SI Birbil

    Ilker Birbil is an internationally well recognised expert in the field of optimisation and decision making. Over the last few years, he has been expanding his…
  • dr. (Michiel) MC Boog

    dr. (Michiel) MC Boog

    Dr. Michiel Boog is a researcher at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Antes (a mental healthcare organization in Rotterdam). At the Erasmus University…
  • dr. (Paul) PC Bouman

    dr. (Paul) PC Bouman

    Operations Research, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Public Transportation
  • (Thomas) T Breugem MSc

    (Thomas) T Breugem MSc

  • (Naut) NL Bulten

    (Naut) NL Bulten

  • dr. (Annika) AM Camehl

    dr. (Annika) AM Camehl

    Econometrics, Multivariate Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Inference, Empirical Macroeconomics