Prior to Erasmus University's central Master Open Day (scheduled for Saturday, March 24), Erasmus MC will be hosting its own, on-site Open Day on Tuesday, March 17. Click here for the event page.

If you would like to attend this Master Open Day, you can register by e-mail: internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl before Friday, March 13. Please include your name, your current studies/university (if any), and the specific research master program you are interested in.

Subject to change

5.00 - 5.10 p.m. Welcoming speech by Dr. J.L. Nouwen
5.10 - 5.35 p.m. Infection & Immunity by Dr. J.L. Nouwen
5.35 - 6.00 p.m. Neuroscience by Dr. M.T.G. de Jeu 
6.00 - 6.25 p.m. Molecular Medicine by Dr. D.C. van Gent
6.30 - 7.30 p.m. Information market
7.30 - 7.55 p.m. Clinical Research (speaker TBA)
7.55 - 8.20 p.m. Health Sciences by Prof. M.G.M. Hunink 
8.20 - 8.30 p.m. End of program

Each research master program has selected one or two students to share their experiences at the end of each information session. 

Erasmus MC Master Open Day Location
Erasmus MC University Medical Center
Education Center (Onderwijscentrum)
Dr. Molewaterplein 40 
3015 GD Rotterdam

Please click hereOpens external for directions to Lecture Hall 2.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. G.T. (Gonny) Pasaribu by e-mail: internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl

We look forward to welcoming you to Erasmus MC soon!