Strategic Communication


This course focuses on how to identify strategic threats and contributions to organisations that can be managed by corporate communications.

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13-15 March 2023

  • zaterdag 20 nov 2021

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The basic concept in this course is strategic communication. Strategic communication encompasses all communication that is substantial for the survival and sustained success of an organisation, a brand, a person or a function. Managing communication ensures that communication is used purposefully to engage in conversations of strategic or operational significance to organisational goals. This means: it’s all about the impact on value creation, not only about the success of corporate communications in the media or among stakeholders.

This masterclass will provide conceptual and practical solutions to position yourself and your communication team in a new way. It builds on the latest insights from international research and lessons learned from thought leaders in the field. Combining knowledge from corporate communications and strategic management helps you to understand and explain communications in the language of executives.

Learning objectives

In this programme, you will:

  • understand the principles of strategic thinking for corporate communications, and how this helps to guide practical decisions in today’s turbulent world
  • analyse existing business models for communications in organisations, which includes assignments by top management and resources; operating models for managing communication; functional activities like stakeholder communication and internal advising; and the impact on value-creation
  • align communication to organisational goals by using adequate management tools for corporate communications, e.g. the Communication Value Circle and the Communication Strategy House
  • position communication departments and communicators at the top and throughout the organisation with different techniques
  • enhance your personal profile as a communication leader, next-generation leader, or consultant coaching communicators and general managers
  • utilise the power of communications for corporate success both effectively and efficiently – to future-proof your organisation in times of political and economic uncertainty.

Who should attend?

The masterclass is designed for experienced professionals in the field of corporate communication, public affairs, general management, and consultancy.

This executive-level masterclass offers professionals a highly flexible learning experience that fosters leadership, strategic thinking and corporate responsibility.

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zaterdag 20 nov 2021
3 dagen
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This is a programme of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. For more information about the programme, visit our website: RSM.NL/SC

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