Interdisciplinary Social Networks in Neuroeconomics: Visualization and Measurement

Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Time: 13.00-15.00

Location: H04-10

Speakers: Clement Levallois


The cognitive turn is affecting all social sciences today: social behavior is increasingly investigated in relation to its neural, hormonal or potentially genetic underpinnings. Boundaries between social and natural sciences are rapidly evolving, some say dissolving. The extent of this turn, as it is reflected in scientific publications, is difficult to measure through the traditional methods of scientometrics: interdisciplinarity research is typically taking place in the interstices of many fields, scattered in a range of journals which can not be pre-identified with confidence, and without academic associations to provide a representative membership.

We provide a tool to achieve a precise and consensual identification of interdisciplinary fields, illustrating with data from neuroeconomics. Based on this identification procedure and using Network Workbench and Pajek, a scientometric study of neuroeconomics is performed, which allows to visualize how and where in practice the “cognitive turn” is happening in relation to economics. 

Attendance and participation to the debate open to anyone interested.