About EUCC

Erasmus University China Center (EUCC)


The EUCC was previously called CHERC (China-Holland Education & Research Centre) and was established in 1998 in order to support and stimulate the academic co-operation between the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and its Chinese counterparts. Today, the EUCC has evolved into a network organization in which Dutch and Chinese universities, business companies and other organizations participate.

Besides coordinating PhD programs that are financed by the Chinese government (China Scholarship Council; CSC), the EUCC supports visiting scholars from China and also coordinates and offers support to all educational faculty delegations towards China for a diverse array of Chinese top universities. The EUCC helps to coordinate, guide and organize conferences. On top of that, the EUCC serves as an advisory body and actively offers support for all related activities on the Chinese academic field.

The EUCC welcomes universities and companies who are interested in its activities to join. Please contact the EUCC.