Maintaining Relationships

The recent efforts of the EUCC haven’t been solemnly aimed at attracting more Chinese PhD and Master students to the EUR, but also about maintaining of relationships. These include the ones that are ongoing and even the ones who have graduated from the EUR for a while.

Visiting Scholar

For instance, Dr. LI Gang from the Institute of European Study, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) has done his PhD research here for one academic year. The theme of this thesis is A study on EU Regional Policy and its Policy Implications for China’s Regional Development. His promoter is Prof. Kees van Paridon at ESSB.

Before officially leaving the EUR for China, he paid a visit to the EUCC office. The team was delighted to celebrate his successful completion of his research in this stage.

As many of our former PhD students, he now is a valuable part of the EUCC’s alumni. And we are excited to hear about his progress in the future!

[Left to right, 2nd row: Prof. ZHANG Xiandong, Theun van VLIET, Dr. LI Gang. Front row: Sizhen RAO, Patrick CHAN, Weichia TSENG, GAO Wei, Yaxian WU]  

After defence

Having alumni returning is oftenly a sign of good collaboration and past experiences. Prof. ZHANG Xiandong, from Fudan University school of management, graduated with a PhD at the EUR in 2010, under his promoter at RSM, Prof. Steef van de Velde. Recently he announced interest in deepening his research, which is now scheduling, together with his former promoter. They will start their work paper here this year after he promoted.

The EUCC is glad to hear that past experiences proved so successful that alumni are returning to the EUR for future collaborations.  

Visiting EUCC

Prof. LUO Wenping has maintained a close relationship with the EUCC ever since his graduation in 2000. He recently finished a three month research at Liverpool University and was about to depart to Shanghai where he lives and works, for the Shanghai Maritime University (SMU). He was the EUCC’s first PhD and since he planned to visit the Netherlands on a stopover, the team organized a lunch meeting with his promoter, Prof. Hugo Roos (School of Economics), Prof. Harry Geerling (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences) and Dr. Bart Kuipers director of Eramus Smart Port Rotterdam and Mrs. Weichia Tseng (Managing director EUCC). The meeting was a lively discussion like amongst old friends. The Shanghai Maritime University has been working closely with Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI) and recently Erasmus Smart Port signed a MoU with them.

We are thankful for his visit to the EUR and hope to stay in touch in the future.

[Port of Rotterdam]