EUCC delegation China promotional visit

The EUCC has organized a third successful trip to China in 2010. Starting from October 18th till 26th, the EUCC delegation consisting of 14 people from 7 Erasmus related organizations paid visits to various top universities in Beijing and Shanghai.

The main purpose of this visit was to discuss terms at which a mutual agreement can be formed for the specific content of the MoU. There were MoU’s signed for different faculties at different universities. And these agreements lay the steppingstones for future visits, regarding for instance the Renmin University. While simultaneously promoting the CSC PhD projects.

Apart form signing MoU’s and the CSC PhD promotions, the EUCC emphasized the educational efforts by giving lectures to students at universities in Beijing as well as in Shanghai. While simultaneously informing them about the possibilities of studying in The Netherlands at the Erasmus University. After each presentation students were given the possibility to ask questions to the delegation members personally.

In the following days the delegation visited CASS and Renmin University to give presentations in different locations, and to talk to students and professors. This visit coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Renmin Law School. This visited paved a good basis for a future MoU between IHS and Urban Planning and Management. Peking University was paid a visit for the EUR-Day which was focused on promoting EUR.

Halfway through the journey one part of the delegation continued the tour to Shanghai. Where the delegation went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. On the weekends there were casual meetings with different representatives from Shanghai’s top universities. Monday there were visits paid to Yangshan Deepwater Port and International Shipping Department to renew relations.

SMU (Shanghai Maritime University) and SREI (Shanghai Real Estate Sciences Institute) were also visited.

And on the last day there was an EUR-Day visit to Fudan University.

After this last successful visit the delegation went back to the Netherlands. With besides the luggage the delegation carried back, they also carried back a lifetime of memories of fascinating people they met along the way.