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Double bachelor in Economics and Philosophy of Economics
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Master in Philosophy


Master in Philosophy: Where cutting edge philosophical research meets the classroom, enabling our students to engage in contemporary philosophical debates.

Research Master in Philosophy and Economics

The programme aims to prepare students for an academic career in philosophy and economics, and provides skills for careers in the private and public sector.

Having two bachelor degrees increases your employability in almost every sector and gives you a head start when searching for a job. Your background in philosophy will provide you with an awareness of the theoretical foundations of your discipline. This allows you to pose relevant questions, come up with innovative solutions and go a step further than others. Doubling your degree with Philosophy will prove valuable and rewarding on both a personal and professional level.

Philosophy does not train you for a specific job, but it would be wrong to say that philosophy does not lead to any job. In fact, our alumni have ended up as researchers, teachers, civil servants, financial consultants, journalists or managers in the private sector. What all these jobs have in common is that it is an advantage if you can think critically on a fundamental level. This is where philosophy gives you an edge. In particular, the relation between philosophy and a specific discipline allows our students to reflect on their fields of interest and thoroughly grasp the challenges that lay ahead.

With your degree in economics you are well prepared to work in fields like banking, accountancy, tax consultancy, economic research or in trade and multinational companies. You also find plenty of Rotterdam economists in more generalist positions at academic level such as: stock exchange analysts, entrepreneurs, tax inspectors, politicians, HR managers, sales and marketing managers and scientific journalists.

With a Double bachelor in Economics and Philosophy of Economics you have every opportunity to kick-start an exciting career.

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