Double bachelor in Economics and Philosophy of Economics

Continuing master programmes for Bachelor Double bachelor in Economics and Philosophy of Economics

MSc Economics and Business

Your bachelor degree gives you access to a range of programmes in economics in the Netherlands and abroad. Many students continue their studies with the one-year master programme at Erasmus School of Economics.

The one-year master programme in Economics and Business puts a solid scientific basis and sharp insights into everyday practice. This will enable you to conduct sound analyses and convert them into policy recommendations and strategies. The programme offers many different options, ranging from broad masters to those focusing on a specific area.

You will also have access to our accounting masters and, if you are willing to do a pre-master, you can follow the programmes that lead to a master degree in Econometrics and Management Science.

MA Philosophy

After you have finished yourDouble bachelor in Economics and  Philosophy of Economics , we highly recommend you take philosophy to the next level by topping up with an MA in Philosophy. At Erasmus School of Philosophy we offer a multitude of courses ranging from subjects such as socio-political philosophy, and philosophy of man, to philosophical skepticism. There is ample opportunity to tailor the programme to your interests. In block 2 for example, you will have the option to choose from two tracks: Continental Philosophy and its History, and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. However, this is not mandatory. Many of our students have chosen courses from both tracks.

Research Master

In addition to our MA Philosophy, Erasmus School of Philosophy also offers a Research Master in Philosophy and Economics. This is an intensive and internationally recognised two-year programme, open to outstanding students with a bachelor's degree in either Philosophy or Economics.. Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The advantages of the Research Master in Philosophy and Economics are its emphasis on research and its focus on the cross-section between philosophy and economics. The Research Master is a two-year programme, where students will be trained to contribute to the field of research in philosophy and economics by an inspiring mix of young up-and-coming researchers and leading researchers in the field. However, such specialised and high-quality guidance requires an outstanding and motivated group of students.