The Eramus School of Economics is managed by the dean, who also has the ultimate responsibility for the school’s supervision. The dean is assisted by the vice dean. Together they comprise the Management Team, which convenes every week. Also present at these meetings and lending support to the management team are the programme director, the chief Financial Officer, the head of the Dean’s Office (also Head of Personnel & Organisation) and the executive assistant to the dean.

In matters of important school issues, the dean consults with the School Council. The School Council is the representative advisory body of the school.

The management body of the school’s programmes and research institutes comprise of the respective programme directors and the directors of the research institutes, the Tinbergen Institute and the Erasmus Research Institute of Management.

A number of committees operate within the Erasmus School of Economics.


In terms of organisational management, the school is divided into four departments:

School regulations and other important regulations

The main points of the School’s administrative organisation are governed by the School Regulations. The formal basis for the School’s Management is outlined in the Management Instructions. These and other regulations can be found at the Erasmus School of Economics Regulations.

Support services

The Dean's Office, the Programme Management and the Education Service Centre (OSC) assist the Management Team in its administrative and managerial tasks.