What are the Voluntary Summer Courses?

The Voluntary Summer Courses are online study programmes that adapt to your knowledge of mathematics and the progress you make during the course. The online study programme chooses on these criteria the questions and assignments in which more practice is required. At the beginning of the course you will make an initial assessment from which the programme selects those subjects of mathematics in which improvement is possible. This makes the course unique for every individual student as well as efficient. Subjects you have already mastered will not be a part of the course.

The course is completely written in the English language. Use our Tips & Tricks and Glossary when in doubt over what is meant by specific terms or questions.

The course is completely done online. This means you are able to complete it when and where you want. The only thing you are bound to is the application period,which starts at 1 June 2017 and ends at 31 July 2017.