Tilburg University

This information is only meant as an indication of your admissibility. No rights can be derived from this table; every application will be reviewed individually by the Examination Board. The final admission decision may differ from the indication in this table.

If your programme is not listed, but holds enough courses in economics, mathematics and statistics, please feel free to apply.

Accounting, Auditing and Control
Economics and Business
Econometrics and Management Science
Fiscale Economie
BSc BedrijfseconomieYesYesPre-master*1Pre-master
BSc Econometrie en Operationele ResearchNoYesYesPre-master
BSc EconomicsYes*3YesPre-master*1Pre-master
BSc Economie en BedrijfseconomieYesYesPre-master*1Pre-master
BSc Fiscale EconomieYesYesPre-master*1Yes
BSc International Business AdministrationYesYes*2Pre-master*1Pre-master

*1 Only if preparatory courses (or the equivalent thereof) have been passed
*2 A GMAT score with a minimum of 650 required
*3 Only admissible if two accounting electives have been passed