Students with a Dutch university diploma - Pre-master requirements

On this page students with a Dutch university diploma can find all the information about the admission and application requirements for the pre-master programmes at Erasmus School of Economics.

Admission requirements

Relevant bachelor diploma

To be admissible for one of our pre-master programmes, students with a Dutch university diploma need to meet specific diploma requirements. Please consult our Dutch bachelor to ESE master matrices


Applicants whose previous Dutch education does not indicate direct admission to the Pre-master Economics and Business may be asked to make a GMAT test and submit the score report before the application deadline of 1 May 2018. The minimum required score is 650. Applications without a valid and sufficient GMAT score will not be considered for admission. Please consult our Dutch bachelor to ESE master matrices to see if you are required to submit a GMAT score. Click here for more information about the GMAT exam.

Application procedure

Every student who wants to apply for a programme at the Erasmus School of Economics has to register in Studielink. Click here for more information about how to register correctly in Studielink. Please make sure you have a registration in studielink before continuing with the rest of the application procedure.

After a successful registration in Studielink you will receive an email to the EUR Admissions Portal where you can upload the following required documents:

Click here for a more detailed explanation of these documents.

If the application was done successfully you will receive a copy of the submitted application in your personal mailbox. Later on in the application process, you may be asked to upload a certified copy of your diploma/graduation statement and your final grade list in the Certified Documents Portal. Click here for more information about certified documents.

Extra information

  • Applicants need to check the spam folder in their e-mail inbox to ensure they do not miss out on any important messages from the university. Mails that arrive in the spam folder should be marked as ‘trusted’ to avoid future communication problems
  • Applicants who use a email address are requested to use a different email address for their application and future communication with the university because of compatibility problems


Please have a look on the frequently asked questions page before getting in touch.

Apply now!

Click on the 'Apply Now' button below to proceed with your application. Applications for the pre-master programmes for the academic year 2018-2019 are from 1 January 2018 until 1 May 2018. (Final day to apply or to complete the application is 30 April 2018).