More detailed explanation required documents

Current facets (Pre-Master)

In order to apply and to determine your admissibility you are required to upload several documents via the online application form. Here you can find a list of those documents and a brief description.

  • A copy of your bachelor diploma (if obtained)
    A scanned copy of your diploma. In case you did not yet obtain your bachelor diploma, you can apply with just a copy of your grade list.
  • A copy of your bachelor grade list
    A scanned copy of your final grade list, or in case you have not graduated yet, a scanned copy of your most recent grade list. This grade list needs to be official.
    If you are admissible you will have to send in a certified copy of your final or most recent grade list. You will need to send in a certified copy of your final grade list once you have graduated.
  • A list of yet to be obtained courses
    An overview of all the courses you still need to obtain before graduating.
  • A copy of your passport or ID card
    A copy of the personal data page of your passport or ID card.
  • Proof of sufficient mathematical background
    Only for applicants of the Pre-master Econometrics and Management Science. The curriculum of your bachelor programmes should at least contain the (equivalent of the) four preparatory courses. More information can be found here. Upload a course description and the literature list of the equivalent courses you passed in your online application.
  • An official GMAT score report sent to us directly by the test centre
    GMAT exam results can be verified online only if you have given the Erasmus School of Economics permission to access your scores. Visit our website for the requirement. The institution code for the master Economics and Business is QK8-4B-75. Visit GMAT’s official website to find out how you can make the score report available to Erasmus School of Economics. The results of the test must be included in your application by the application deadline.

Please note: Do not upload documents with punctuation marks in the document’s title. For example: diploma.student.doc(x). These will not be processed by our application system.

The documents mentioned above are the only documents needed. Reference letters, motivation letters and work experience are not required and will not be taken into account for your application.