Studying at Erasmus School of Economics

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On this website we share some practical information with regards to your studies.

Requirements for participating in online education and online exams

In September you will start your studies at Erasmus School of Economics. We are optimistic when it comes to offering 100% on-campus education in 2022/2023. However, should COVID-19 measures cause the University to offer (partially) online education it is important to know which requirements apply to studying online and sitting online exams. Find out more what devices you need to study online.

    Study schedules

    Study schedules will be up to date at the beginning of August. Once the study schedules have been announced you will get a clear overview of your programme and its courses.


    When you have registered for courses the lectures, tutorials and examinations will be visible in your timetable. More information about registering for courses will be explained on the day of the Take Off. Learn more about how to consult your timetable.

    Books and supplies

    Once the study schedules have been made available at the beginning of August you can collect your study materials from the study store on campus (online purchases available too) or buy your books second hand during one of the book sales on campus or via one of the many online retailers.  Your pick!


    Know all the rules and regulations that belong to our faculty and your study programme. All these will be up to date as of the beginning of August.

    Information systems

    In support of education, Erasmus School of Economics uses several information systems:

    • MyEUR: the central hub to get access to most information systems.
    • SIN-Online: the system used for the registration of courses and tutorials and messages from the School.
    • Canvas: the digital learning environment for course announcements, course information and course documents.
    • Osiris: registration of official grades and enrolment for written exams.

    During the introduction for first year students, the Erasmus School of Economics Take-off, you receive all required information about these systems.

    It is not necessary to work with these systems before then.

    Academic calendar

    Know exactly how each block is constructed and when your examinations and education free periods are scheduled. Download the academic calendar on this page.

    Student card

    Why do you need a student card and how do you get one?

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