Managing complex issues

Meeting with people
  • Geert Teisman

    Management of Complex Issues

    Complex decision-making in chains and networks of governments, citizens, businesses and knowledge institutions. Uses complexity theory to sketch a completer and more better-informed picture of public decision-making.

  • dr. Peter Marks

    Collective bargaining and unlocking public values

    Collective decision making: research into the development and application of complexity sciences in understanding public decision-making processes, such as that of the Joint Strike Fighter.

  • dr. Hans Joosse

    Organisational dynamics around complex issues

    Patterns and reflexes in public organisations when working on complex issues.

    Portret van dr. Hans Joosse
  • dr. Wouter Spekkink

    Changes in governance structures and processes in addressing sustainability issues

    Collective decision making in sustainability issues and methodology for research on complex social processes.

    Wouter Spekkink

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