Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

The well-being of Ghost Workers
Robotic Surgery - Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

What does this research entail?

This project studies the well-being of ghost workers. Ghost workers, also known as crowd workers are people who perform online tasks such as cleaning up data and classifying photographs. The way artificial intelligence functions depends on this specific type of work carried out by humans. Ghost work is offered through specific tasks and is completed on online platforms such as Clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The supply of this work is growing rapidly and is largely unconventional given that these online workers cannot talk to managers, receive no feedback and have no job security. Therefore, how do these specific working conditions affect the well-being of ghost workers? As automation and artificial intelligence are used more frequently, we investigate the nature of these working conditions for the individuals who make this shift possible.

Read more about this project on Ghost Work webpage

ERC (European Research Council) Consolidator Grant 2020


  • prof.dr. (Claartje) CL ter Hoeven

    Professor ter Hoeven is the scientific director and coordinator of the interdisciplinary master and research program ‘Organizational Dynamics in the Digital…
    prof.dr. (Claartje) CL ter Hoeven
  • (Ryan) RA Morgan, MSc

    Ryan Morgan is a PhD student whose research centers on the coproduction of technology and society. He studies how emerging technologies challenge and shape…
    (Ryan) RA Morgan, MSc
  • dr. (Irene) I van Oorschot

    Irene van Oorschot is an assistant professor at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Her current research…
    dr. (Irene) I van Oorschot

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