Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

Measuring material and economic welfare in the Caribbean Netherlands
Robotic Surgery - Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

What does this research entail?

Following the administrative changes in the Caribbean Netherlands, this research project examines how procedures and methods for digital data collection travels from the Netherlands to the Caribbean Netherlands. Based on ethnographic research, it addresses the question of how these technologies, methods and procedures are adapted to local circumstances to produce data about the wellbeing of the populations of the Caribbean Netherlands.

It thereby aims to make visible the everyday issues, practices and politics of digitisation as practitioners in postcolonial and non-sovereign areas encounter these changes.

The project is affiliated with the ARITHMUS (How data make a people) research project at Goldsmiths, University of London and Fickle Formulas, University of Amsterdam.

British Academy and Leverhulme Trust.


  • dr. (Francisca) F Grommé

    Francisca Grommé is an assistant professor in Digitalisation in work and society. She works from a background in science and technology studies (STS), political…
    dr. (Francisca) F Grommé

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