Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

Artificial Intelligence and recruitment

What is the research about? 

Employers and job seekers are increasingly using digital tools to find each other. These include AI-enabled online gaming and data-driven profiles. Such technologies can provide job seekers with access to the labour market but also entail risks of discrimination and exclusion.

Little is known about the consequences for the everyday practices and experiences of employers, HR professionals, and job seekers. This research aims to gain insight into the expectations, norms, procedures and roles that recruitment technologies introduce. Among others, we are studying the design and implementation of these applications and the experiences of job seekers with online gaming.

Our collaborations


TU Delft

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  • dr. (Francisca) F Grommé

    Francisca Grommé is an assistant professor in Digitalisation in work and society. She works from a background in science and technology studies (STS), political…
    dr. (Francisca) F Grommé

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