Personality disorders

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Researchers from within the Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • prof.dr. C.W. Slotema

    Personality disorders

    Trauma (treatment), short-term psychotherapy and psychotic symptoms in personality disorders.

  • prof.dr. Ingmar Franken

    Addiction and risk behaviour

    Neurocognitive aspects of addiction and addiction treatment.

Researchers from outside the Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • prof. dr. A. de Jongh


    Trauma (treatment), in particular EMDR in complex PTSD.

    Ad de Jongh
  • prof. dr. J.D. Blom


    Psychotic signs and disorders.

    Handtekening Erasmus
  • prof. dr. M. van der Gaag

    Psychotic symptoms

    Psychotic phenomena and disorders, in particular CBT and prevention of psychotic disorders through development of Early Detection and Intervention Teams.

    Mark van der Gaag
  • drs. M.F. van Vreeswijk

    Short-term schedule therapy

    Short-term group schema therapy, developed this treatment.

    Handtekening Erasmus

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