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  • dr. (Nuno) NM Almeida Camacho

    dr. (Nuno) NM Almeida Camacho

    Nuno Camacho is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In hist research…
  • (Muhammad) M Asim

    (Muhammad) M Asim

  • dr. (Vardan) V Avagyan

    dr. (Vardan) V Avagyan

  • dr. (Jihun) J Bae

    dr. (Jihun) J Bae

  • prof.dr. (Guido) G Baltussen

    prof.dr. (Guido) G Baltussen

    Guido Baltussen is Professor in Finance (Chair: Behavioral Finance and Financial Markets) and a full Tinbergen and ERIM (high performance) fellow. In addition,…
  • (Dyaran) DS Bansraj

    (Dyaran) DS Bansraj

  • (Ricardo) R Barahona

    (Ricardo) R Barahona

  • dr. (Arie) AT Barendregt

    dr. (Arie) AT Barendregt

  • prof.dr. (Sjoerd) S van Bekkum

    prof.dr. (Sjoerd) S van Bekkum

    Sjoerd van Bekkum is Professor of Finance and Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University. His research agenda focuses on changes in the…
  • dr. (Clement) CS Bellet

    dr. (Clement) CS Bellet

    Research interests: Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Marketing, Subjective Well-Being, Inequality and Poverty.My work borrows from behavioral economics and…