Paulina - study exchange to Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I don’t think I've had any scary experiences since I got here.


went to Rotterdam

Why did you come on exchange?

I love travelling and I’ve always wanted to go for an exchange for semester. That was always on my bucket list. I couldn’t go my first year so I figured that the second year might be the best time to go on exchange.

What influenced you to choose Erasmus University & Rotterdam?

I’ve never been to Holland before, but some of my classmates from my international high school in Prague are studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam as full time students. They always said they liked it a lot. I visited Rotterdam this October and I really liked it as well, therefore I decided that I would want to live here for 6 months. It’s not that far away from home and Holland is beautiful and has so much to offer.

What has been the scariest experience since you got here?

I don’t think I've had any scary experiences since I got here. If I ever needed anything I always could ask my boyfriend for help.

What has been the best experience since you got here?

There’s been many amazing times that I have had since I got here. I think just meeting people from all over the world and learning about them and their culture/countries has been one of the best experiences. Our trip to Brussels was really fun and I would say going and partying in Amsterdam was really fun too.

What advice would you give to a potential exchange student?

Maybe if it’s possible to visit the place they’re gonna be moving in first, to see if they actually like the city and if they think they would like it there. That’s what I’ve done and I think it helped me a lot to make my decision.

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