Master of Science (MSc) in Sociology 

Find out how cities are becoming nodes in international urban networks that rival the power of nation-states, analyse how national governments manage diversity and inequalities, learn how new technologies and globalisation lead to new social risks, gain insight into pressing political dissatisfaction and the causes and consequences of political fragmentation.

You’ll learn to answer the above questions by means of the latest insights from both theory and research, provided by dedicated professors who are in the top of their field. It’s not just a cutting edge programme: Erasmus University Rotterdam is a highly ranked university in a diverse and vibrant city – the ideal setting for acquiring understanding of contemporary society.

Denise van Bommel

“The Master will give you the necessary insights and tools in both a multifaceted and profound way. You will be continuously challenged to be critical and to see issues from various perspectives.”

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Why study a Master in Sociology in Rotterdam?

  • The programme focuses on pressing social problems and intriguing social phenomena;
  • You will acquire state-of-the-art insights from sociology and related disciplines;
  • You will learn how to apply social theory to the big issues of contemporary society;
  • You will be inspired by enthusiastic scholars who are among the top of the discipline.
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam ranks highest of all continental European universities in the             Shanghai Ranking of universities in Social Science.

Choose your specialisation

Please see below for information about the specialisation within this Master programme. Whether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time, is indicated accordingly.

Master specialisation



Governance of Migration and Diversity

 Full-time n/a

Politics and society: Understanding Contemporary Politics

Full-time n/a