Master in Sociology

Step-by-step application

  1. Register for the programme of your choice in Studielink.
    Studielink is the national database for registering for a study programme in the Netherlands counting as the first step of the application procedure. Make sure you choose the right programme (including the language of instruction, if there are several tracks offered, or the resulting degree).
  2. After registering in Studielink: Fill out an online application form through EUR Admissions Portal.
    • One of the emails you will receive after registering in Studielink will contain a link with instructions for filling out an online application form (subject of the email: “Follow up to your application…”). In the Admissions Portal, you may also choose the track (if applicable) and upload your documents.
    • In order to start working on your application you will need login information for EUR Admissions Portal, aka ERNA details. This email is sent to you right after registering in Studielink: keep this message for later use in application process and as a student and verify your account, as requested. If you have not received this email (with ERNA details) please explain this in email to the and request that it should be sent to you once again.
    • You can start working on the application, save it, and return to it later.  

Please mind that you will receive a number of automated messages during application. They often get spammed, so be sure to check your spam/ junk mailbox folders.

Read more about: automated messages during application

Required documents 

Should you already wish to prepare for your application, you may gather your documents so as to upload them when you are ready. The step-by-step application guidelines would only appear on this page while the application is live.

The following documents (in pdf) will be requested from you during the application process.

  1. A scan (photocopy) of the personal data page of your passport/ ID card and (if applicable) residence permit (both sides). The document(s) must be valid*. (This is not mandatory if you hold a Dutch passport or are/ have been a student of a Dutch university).
  2. A scan (photocopy) of your university diploma(-s) ** 
  3.  A scan (photocopy) of an official academic transcript(-s) of records. (The current students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam may upload an unofficial copy of their transcript instead.) 
  4. Proof of proficiency in the English language;
  5. Your CV / resume
  6. Descriptions of the courses taken in the field of your preferred specialisation/ track (not applicable to the applicants of track “governance of Migration and Diversity”)***
  7. Descriptions of the courses taken in social science methodology (not applicable to the applicants of track “governance of Migration and Diversity”)***;
  8. Apart from the above documents that are mandatory in the course of application you may upload additional documents that you think might contribute to your profile (e.g., motivation letter, reference letter etc.) Make sure you do not overdo with these as their amount might overshadow the essentials. 

If you upload a scan of your ID card please note that the information in this card should contain your first name, surname, date of birth, country of birth and nationality, as well as be internationally recognized form of identification. If this is not the case, a scan of your passport is required. Both sides of your ID card needs to be uploaded.

** If you have not yet obtained your bachelor’s/ undergraduate/ pre-master degree, please include an official copy of your academic record(-s) at the moment of application. In case your official transcript does not contain enrolment data (date of enrolment, name of the programme/ degree you are studying for, number of credits obtained/ to be obtained), a statement from your university with the missing information and a date you expect to fulfil all requirements necessary for graduation (most of the time it is a letter from your programme administration) must be provided. The current students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam may upload their student copy of grade list (studievoortgangsoverzicht).

***Not applicable to the current students or graduates of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Important information  

On this page you will find important information regarding the details of the application process, such as the notion of 'given name', ways of reporting nationality and the quality of uploads.

What happens after application?

After you have submitted your application, the process of assessing your application starts. This process consists of several steps, and you might want to know what to prepare for.