Peter Makai 2014

Moving Beyond the QALY: Economic Evaluation in Health and Social Care for Elderly Populations


Martina Buljac 2012

Health teams: Analyzing and improving team performance in long-term care


Monique Veld 2012

HRM, Strategic Climate and Employee Outcomes in Hospitals: HRM Care for Cure?


Tineke Broer 2012

Governing Ideals of Good Care: Quality improvement in mental health care


Mirella Minkman 2012

Developing Integrated Care: Towards a development model for integrated care


Pieter Stepaniak 2010

Modeling and Management of Variation in the Operating Theatre

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Marleen de Mul 2009

Managing Quality in Health Care: Involving Patient Care Information Systems and Healthcare Professionals in Quality Monitoring and Improvement


Karin Lemmens 2009

Improving Chronic Care: Developing and testing disease-management interventions applied in COPD care


Frank Oostrik 2008

Als je het mij vraagt.....
Waarom mensen kiezen voor zelfbeschikking (PGB) in de zorg


Corine Boon 2008

HRM and Fit:
Survival of the fittest!?


Stef Groenewoud 2008

It's your Choice!
A Study of Search and Selection Processes, and the Use of Performance Indicators in Different Patient Groups


Kees van Wijk 2007

The Service Care Chain:
The influence of service and HRM on the realization of demand-driven care by careorganisations


Isabelle Fabbricotti 2007

Taking care of integrated care:
Integration and fragmentation in the development of integrated care arrangements


Wendy Kesselaar - van der Kraan 2006

Vraag naar vraagsturing
Een verkennend onderzoek naar de betekenis van vraagsturing in de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg

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